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Counselling supervision is a part of your counselling world. This may be through your college or university, an agency you are working for, or your own business as a qualified counsellor. We all, as professional counsellors, need supervision. How you use this time is also very important. This is not just a tick box, even though you have to tick the box, to show you are working to your expected standards. Supervision is about your further development as a counsellor. It is also a safety net you can use to talk about your client work, anonymously of course. This may include what methods you use, how this sits with you and how you can develop further as you, the counsellor. We would make an agreement together as to how we work which would include : - Time boundaries, Where you have the supervision - phone, Zoom or face to face and also the time you would need, which may be the hour and a half often used.

The fee I charge  - £45,00 per hour and £60.00 per hour and a half.

As a student there is a reduced fee of £35.00 per hour and £50.00 per hour and a half.

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