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Finding a counsellor is a personal and possibly difficult choice to make. Which counsellor do I need? The important thing about this choice is, this is for you. The counselling I offer is confidential, open and I would hope challenging. The counselling "way" I offer is person centred, I also do use other types of counselling if needed, but to my core, who I am is person centred. This means I do believe the answers you are looking for are all within you. They may be difficult to find and with courage and patience, from us both, we will find what you need.


I am a qualified counsellor who works to the standard of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, (BACP). This means I work to an ethical (high) standard with your duty of care at the core.

I would recommend that you look at a number of counsellors before deciding where to go. This has to be right for you.


I do charge a fee for counselling.

£45.00 per hour and £35.00 per hour if you are a student, any subject. 

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